Year-round Deals as Big as Black Friday

Year-round Deals as Big as Black Friday

It's November and that means fall leaves, pumpkin flavored everything, Thanksgiving and of course Black Friday. It's advertised that Black Friday always has the best deals, however, big sales happen year-round from Mother's Day to New Years and MLK Day to Valentine's Day. 

If you already started saving for Christmas then you're in the clear—you can skip the midnight shopping raids on Black Friday—instead you can spend it eating all that left over turkey.

Looking ahead, here are the best times of the year to start crossing items of your wish list. 

Just Lounging Around

Furniture actually has two major buying seasons—January and July. This is because new furniture tends to arrive in February and August. Furniture stores usually have their big blowout sales right before hand, similar to Black Friday. Prime Holidays for home decor: MLK Day and New Years.

'Must-have' Tech

Everyone is always eager to buy the latest and greatest in the tech world. Apple definitely is dominating with the resent release of the new iPhone 7. Yet, Apple is pretty consistent with their releases: 

iPhone 5- released on Friday 21 September 2012
iPhone 5S - released on Friday 20 September 2013
iPhone 5C - released on Friday 20 September 2013
iPhone 6- released on Friday 19 September 2014
iPhone 6S - released on Saturday 19 September 2015

It's hard to say when is the "best time" to buy a new iPhone or AppleWatch because technology is always changing and every year something new comes out. However, Apple has somewhat of an after party sale after Christmas and before New Year's. So set a reminder to get your hands on that new gadget around then. 

Adventure Gear

Adventure brands begin replacing previous year’s models in the Spring—between February and March. January is when outdoor retailers advertise blow out sales, so start saving for those hiking boots now! Believe it or not, boats are a good to buy at this time of year too, so if you're looking to buy a yacht do it on Valentine's Day—talk about romance!

Big Appliances

New models hit the stores in the fall—September and October, making this a great time to snag last year’s version of the same product. If you can’t wait until then, usually places like Best Buy and Target have sales on holidays including the small ones like President’s Day and Columbus Day.

Rest easy this year, knowing that Black Friday is not your ONLY option for getting a good deal. Instead, kickback—wear your stretchy pants, eat lots of pie, watch football and cheer to good friends and family all the way through Sunday.   

Sophia Zigmond / Writer


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