Dress up, Show up, Move up

Dress up, Show up, Move up

Sweat pants and graphic T's may have been ok in college, but if you're hoping to enter the business world your wardrobe needs a little polishing. Your wardrobe can influence how you are perceived by potential bosses and clients. Attention to detail, when it comes to your personal style, can help you feel happier, intelligent and confident. When entering the business world this is all very important. Here are the essentials for moving up, being a #BOSS and killing the business attire game. 


For women, think Jess from New Girl. She dresses like a 1960's school teacher with a twist. If you aren't into bright colors and florals like Jess then think Olivia Pope from Scandal. She dresses like a modern Coco Channel.    

  • Tailored Slacks: Slacks can be worn with most anything.  You can get them high-waisted, flare, or wide-leg in order to make them a little more trendy and not so boring.


  • Blazer: They can be worn with jeans, dresses, ANYTHING. Such a great piece to have even if you aren't entering the business world. Maybe even a leather blazer for when you go to happy hour after a long day. 
  • Sweater/Cardy: Doesn't matter if you like in Florida or Maine... It gets cold! Get a cardy that's light enough to throw in your bag.
  • Black Heels: Classic necessity. It almost seems like they are like a right of passage for business women.
  • Pencil Skirt: Not too tight not too short. Just remember you are NOT going to a frat party, you are going to WORK. 


  • Blouses: Depending on your work environment, they don't always have to be button downs. Have a little fun with your shirts here. For the most part, your bottoms and shoes are always neutral so stand out a little with pops of color.
  • Work Coat: A beautifully made trench or peacoat over a business suit is much better than a puffy neon colored snow jacket.


  • Hand Bag: You're not a student anymore, ditch the backpack and invest in a leather tote that can carry your desk essentials. 
  • Watch: Sure you have your phone to tell the time but a watch is an accessory that can tie together an outfit. Maybe even get a Fitbit so that you can make sure your staying active even if your at a desk all day.


Think Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl or Lord Disick aka Scott Disick. They both take the monotony of business attire and amp it up. They both wear colorful slacks, fun bow ties, and wacky combinations, but they make them look suave and trendy... not goofy. 

  • Dress Pants: If your job does not require you to wear a suit, then dress pants are your bff. Traditionally your pants should be hemmed 3/4" from the floor but for a more contemporary Chuck Bass or Scott Disick look go slightly shorter. 
  • Sports Coat: You need at least one neutral colored sports coat for day-to-day use. 
  • Ties: Every guy needs 5-6 ties minimum. Traditionally solids are the way to go but it is 2016 after all so go crazy with the patterns and add your own personal flare. Or if you want to get really creative get some bow ties.


  • A Bold Suit: Navy Blue, baby blue, maroon, plaid. This is your chance to stand out! A nice black suit is always good to have but it screams "I work in a cubical."  


  • Black or Brown Dress Shoes: All I'm saying is that they got to be Italian.
  • Socks: I love socks. I love when guys love socks. If the rules are strict regarding dress code, then socks are your chance to add a little pizzazz. 


How do you show your personality is business attire? 

Sophia Zigmond / Writer

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