Get 'Er Done

Get 'Er Done

New Years Resolutions are a great way to turn a new leaf and improve your quality of life in the new year. Many people make lengthy lists of what they want to do; loose weight, get fit, travel, quit smoking, learn something new, get out of debt, spend more time with family, ect. 

All of the above are great resolutions but the ugly truth is that only about 8% of people complete their goals. 

I challenge you to be one of the 8%. Make 2017 your b!tch and make this year the best and most productive one yet. I challenge you to make yourself, your finances, and your relationships better.


Sounds overwhelming? Here are some tips to help stick to your goals and get 'er done. 

Be Specific

Clearly define your goals. Lets say you want to 'get in shape.' What exactly does that entail? Be specific in how you want to achieve that goal, for example, finish a half marathon, become a CrossFit fanatic, reach a certain body-fat percentage. Be precise about what you want so that there is a clear goal in mind, not just an idea. 

Limit Your List to What is Realistic

Odds are you are not Superman or Wonder Woman, so when it comes to setting goals, be realistic. Instead of a laundry list full of goals pick a couple that you can truly devote yourself to. That way you're focusing on just a few things instead of spreading yourself too thin. 

Put It In Your Schedule

People sometimes use the excuse that they couldn't 'find the time' to complete their New Years resolutions. Make your new goal a priority and schedule it into your life. If you want to save money, put in a weekly budget review onto your Sunday mornings. Think of these time blocks as important meetings—just like an appointment with a colleague or boss.

Get A Goal Buddy

Social support is critical in completing goals, even if it may seem embarrassing. It can be scary to share your goals with others especially when there's a chance for failure, but to increase your odds of success you'll want the support. One idea is to get a goal buddy. Share your ideas with each other and count one another accountable. Make it like a competition to fuel each other's drive. Encourage your friend weekly to keep going! 

Go For It

Give your goal 100% of your effort. Committing to something is hard. I sometimes become forgetful and thats when my passion and drive starts to fade out. One way to help that is to leave a sticky note or photo that reminds you of your goal somewhere where you'll see it every day. Put a sticky note on your mirror, next to your bed, or in your car for some positive reinforcement. 

Fall Down 8 Times, Stand Up 9

Its ok to have an off day. Just remember... you are committing to the process of reaching your goal and that means there will be really good days and really bad days. 

Plan Rewards

Set up a goal system along the way to reaching your goal. If your goal is to eat healthier, for example, then reward yourself with a little something like a sugary frappachino or some cute work out leggings. #TreatYoSelf.


Sophia Zigmond / Writer

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