Your Watch Tells More Than Time

Your Watch Tells More Than Time

Yes, it’s true, what we wear on our wrist says more about ourselves than we think. Watches are by definition more than an accessory, they are if you will, an extension of who we are. Wonder what yours is saying about you?

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If the new wearable tech trend has taught us something, is that people who buy these kind of devices are looking for utility when it comes to their style.

They like, no, they need to be always informed; measuring how their every action impacts their bodies and online persona. How many steps I’ve taken today? How many calories I’ve burnt then? Should I share it? Any likes? Messages? They are multitaskers, always on the go. So, what better than a watch that can do more for them,...Oh yes, and that also tells the time.  


Look good first

These are the people who understand a watch is more than an accessory, it’s a symbol of status, an open invitation to be judged. Wearing a timeless piece means leaving an everlasting impression.

They like to be recognized for having good taste, because they believe first impressions are the key to success. In their book, there's no such things as coincidences. They are meticulous by nature. Everything they do, and what they wear while doing it, ladders up to a greater vision. All, while making it look effortless, of course.


Box. What box?

These are the fashionistas who like wacky, interesting designs that match their flamboyant styles.

From vintage watches, to unconventional pieces you might find at thrift stores, they’re more prone to go for something a little more “risqué” when it comes to accessorizing. They don’t dress the part, because well, it hasn’t been invented yet.

They value individualism more than anything, and they’re not scared about pushing the boundaries. After all, when it comes to fashion—and life—rules are for suckers.  


Let’s get lost

In the literal sense, you can drop these people in the middle of nowhere, and they’ll find their way back by just navigating through their watch.

They’re explorers and resourceful adventure seekers. Nothing can stand in their way, because they love putting themselves, and their watches, to the test. Scuba diving followed by a casual volcano hike just in time for happy hour? Sure, count them in!   


Of course, not two people are alike. Like the many watches in our drawers, our personalities are a combination of our many traits. But, one thing is certain, however we’re feeling, we never leave home with a naked wrist.

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