Outsmart Santa. Shopping Earlier = Winning!

Outsmart Santa. Shopping Earlier = Winning!

In most parts of the country the sun is still beating down relentlessly, but our minds are somewhere else… Christmas time! Yep, I said it, Christmas! Getting ahead of the Christmas game has endless benefits. Shop while the sun is shining and stay home when Jack Frost comes calling. Rather than stressing about gift giving and holiday chaos, you can start planning now and enjoy your Christmas season the ways it’s supposed to be enjoyed—relaxing with family and making memories.

Want to outsmart Santa and all the other crazed shoppers? Getting started early in the year helps you avoid long lines and the stress that comes with last minute shopping. However, if you don’t want to spend all your money at one time, you came to the right place. Start daily depositing money now towards gifts for loved ones or a gift for you!

I am a planner by nature and a strong supporter of planning ahead for the holiday season. In the back of my weekly planner I have a notes section. Around September, I write down every person’s name that I will be shopping for in my notes: mom, dad, sisters, boyfriend, and besties. As time goes on when I hear them mention things that they are obsessed with or need, I jot it down (I always have my planner with me). That way, I never have to think twice about what to get them. The same thing goes for trends, as the weather gets colder. If I see boots, jackets, or sweaters that are coming out, I’ll jot down the link or name of the item to keep in mind for myself (I always get myself a little Christmas present because why not?). #TreatYourself

Although the commercialism of Christmas can be compelling—who really enjoys going to the mall when they are burdened by a long gift-giving list and are on a time crunch? No need to brave the elbows and shopping carts of the selfish holiday shoppers. No need to play tug-of-war with someone else that is dying for that cashmere sweater. You’ve planned ahead of time so you don’t need to get caught up in the shopper’s mob mentality that lingers around December.

It also becomes harder and harder to track down popular items as Christmas gets closer. Quantities of products are higher earlier in the year. Also, when certain gifts are in high demand, shipping comes into play. No one likes a late gift, so saving now and getting your bae, brother, or bestie their gift sooner than later means lots of hugs, smooches, and "thank you’s" from your loved ones.

Now that you're done with your holiday shopping, here are some fun things you can do with your spare time...

1.     Get active and burn off all those Christmas cookie calories... Go skiing, snow boarding, or skating with friends! 

2.     Be the hostess with the mostess and throw a Christmas bash

3.     Surprise your bae and DIY some mistletoe to hang above your door

4.    Watch ALL 25 Days of Christmas on Freeform

5.   Master the skill of making the perfect eggnog

Overall, it is NOT too early to start planning for Christmas. Making a list and checking it twice, or even five times before the holidays can reduce stress and help you be more organized. If you can start thinking about the holidays now—that means by the time Christmas music starts playing on the radio you can cuddle up by the fire and be satisfied that you outsmarted the rest. 

Sophia Zigmond / Writer 

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