5 Things to Wear to Your Next Holiday Get Together

5 Things to Wear to Your Next Holiday Get Together

For Getting Casual Drinks:

Multicolored Fur Jacket

One of the best things about being home for the Holiday's is meeting up with old friends. You probably haven't seen them since last year, so what's the best way to recap the past 12 months of your life? Over warm winter cocktails, of course! Wear a fun fur jacket to stay cozy and show your buddies that you've grown out of your hot pink puffy coat from 8th grade.

For Meeting The Parents:

Checkered Dress

Going home to meet your significant other's parents can be exciting but also terrifying. Let's try to help take some stress off your shoulders. Don't rip through your closet trying to find to something that makes you look fun and lovable but also not too revealing. Go for a classic checkered print tunic. Its the perfect amount of fun mixed with the perfect amount of modesty so that your comfortable and confident when they ask you, "What are you intentions." *nervous smile* 

For Making Your Ex Jealous:

Sexy Sheer Laced Top

The odds you run into your ex when you go home for the holiday's is extremely likely. Instead of avoiding them and singing "Last Christmas" on repeat in your head, show yourself off and show them what they're missing! Wear something sexy to make them think DAMN GIRL. Confidence is key for this holiday season.

For Ringing In The New Year: 

White Booties

Statement boots are HUGE for this winter season. Instead of wearing the typical New Year's accessories, like the classic "2018 glasses," wear some white booties to dance the night away in. You'll stand out and you'll be comfortable because come on... who doesn't love booties?

For The Family Dinner:

Velvet Pant Suit

Family dinners often involve small talk, catching up with distant family members, and of course pictures! It's fun to look back at your Holiday photos (no matter how awkward they are) to see what the trends were. Make it a point this year to wear something runway ready so when you look back one day and think about how 2017 was the year of Velvet and Pant Suits. 

Get excited and start saving up for these holiday party essentials! You'll be the star of the party in any of these must-have winter trends. 

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