Top Shopping Cart Confessions so far...

Top Shopping Cart Confessions so far...

From fitting room horror stories, to online binge shopping after having one too many to drink. We all have a Shopping Cart Confession. Here are a few of the top #Shoppingcartconfessions we love!

1. "I have a closet packed with clothes, but only mix and match the same 10 items to make different outfits #Shoppingcartconfessions" - @itsjusthope


2."I don't own a single credit card. Weird, right? #Shoppingcartconfessions" - @styledbymishka


3. "Loving a shirt so much that you end up ordering it in 7 different colors... and hoping no one notices. #ShoppingCartConfessions" - @sophszig

4. "I went shopping and maxed out my card in one trip. #ShoppingCartConfessions" -@_Misstweetheart


5. "Way back when, I splurged on this mahogany vintage jacket because I thought it would keep me warm and stylish #Shoppingcartconfessions" - @candywashington

vintage gif .gif


6. "I honestly love shopping and I have an excessive amount of shoes, particularly heels. I bought some boots that were almost $100 and I've only worn them a couple of times!" #Shoppingcartconfessions - @savannahbolender 


7. "When I buy something that is a bit too pricey, I have my packages delivered to my office instead of home to hide from my husband. I then stick them in the truck of my car, forget and he ends up finishing them, asks 'what have you got now' I giggle and he laughs." #Shoppingcartconfessions - @_wendy.salazar

8. "I walked out of the dressing room with my dress tucked into the back of my Spanx and had no clue until the fitting room attendant, with a horrified look, said, “ma’am, your dress is up!” I was mortified and embarrassed, which quickly prompted me to pull my dress down, and buy EVERYTHING I tried on, even the stuff that I didn’t like! LOL! #Shoppingcartconfessions" - @garciadoll

9. "When I go shopping I try not to enter some certain stores because I know I will want to get something and most time I can't afford it, but the smell and look of new clothes, bag, and  shoes are just so alluring... #Shoppingcartconfessions" - @mis__tura

10. "One time after the gym, I went to the mall to shop. I asked the store associate to try on a particular pair of shoes and my feet smelled HORRIBLE. It was the most EMBARRASSING thing that has ever happened in my lifetime. The entire shoe department was LIT. 😩😂 Now, Dr. Scholls foot power is my best friend. #Shoppingcartconfessions" - @dr_made_bishhh

 Have something to confess too? Enter here for a chance to WIN a $250 shopping spree on us. Comment with your own #Shoppingcartconfessions




Sheiva Solaimani / Associate Brand Strategist

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