2018 Music Festivals: The Ultimate Style Guide

2018 Music Festivals: The Ultimate Style Guide

It's almost music festival season and we all have one thought on our minds, "What the hell should I wear?" No matter which music festival you attend this season, you'll want to dress to impress. Each music festival has a personality of its own stylish festival-goers. Read on for the looks that'll guarantee you a spot on the best-dressed list at your own destination.

Governors Ball

Governors Ball takes place in Randall's Island Park, New York, just 15 minutes away from Manhattan. Festival-goers are most likely to wear playful punk and or trendy vintage looks. You really can't go wrong with an outfit at governors ball. The NYC vibe is all-welcoming and all-accepting! Butttttt when in doubt, punk it out. 

Try: This BlankNYC Black Leather Smoke Jacket


Coachella is known to be one giant fashion hub. Bloggers and celebrities step out in elaborate, high fashion ensembles. Coachella has long dominated the free-spirited boho look. For me, Coachella is where 70s flower child meets rocker chic. But this year, ditch the flower crown. 

Try: This silver beaded dress by Free People


Where do I even start with Ultra... Their theme is anywhere from bathing suits to people dressed like Avatars and Gogo boots to people in animal masks. One Ultra trend is to match with all your friends if you're coming in a big group! To sum it all up, anything goes. Dressing up for Ultra means finding the perfect balance of creativity and comfort. If you are going to make it until the last rave, you've got to be comfy. 

Try: This one piece bathing suit by Kendall + Kylie


The most devout Pitchfork-goers will always be dressed in fashion that leans more towards avant garde. Eccentric fashion choices are a must for Pitchfork. Many people from year's past have 90s street style incorporated into their look, which makes the festival as a whole embody a more laid back style. 

Try: This 90s inspired jumpsuit by Urban Outfitters

Which artist are you excited to see this year? Start saving for your music festival tickets and outfits now! 


Sophia Zigmond | Writer

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