Our First Success Story

We are thrilled to share this story with you guys. A few weeks back, we helped our friend Diana fund a $300 Clover Canyon dress she had been thinking of getting for a long time. Thanks to Reeelit, she got it in just one weekโ€”right on time for her birthday!

How it happened

  • A total of 8 people chipped in towards her dress.
  • While she was setting aside for it, our team was dedicated to finding the best possible deal on her Clover Canyon dress...and we did!  
  • In only seven days, Diana managed to set aside and raise enough through her friends (plus with the help of an amazing discount we found) to buy the dress
  • She wore it on her Birthday and looked stunning in it!

Weโ€™re looking for participants for our next test and covering 20% OF THE FINAL PRICE of your fashion item if you meet your funding goal. 

Read My Lips

Read My Lips